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Ward Manager

 We are currently recruiting on behalf of one of our clients for a ward manager:
Responsible for providing high quality clinical leadership and ensuring that clinical nursing practice reflects national and professional standards.  Ensuring that all staff have access to and undertake regular supervision and personal and professional development.  Leading high quality patient care through the effective delivery of person centred care planning. 
Responsible for ensuring care is provided in a safe environment, which is anti-discriminatory and is sensitive to cultural diversity and which places patient involvement at the heart of its practice.
Responsible for the management of their ward to include all resources.  To ensure the Human Resource management of staff include supervision, appraisals and return to work interviews.
Ensure that staff are capable of engaging patients therapeutically and demonstrate a high standard of clinical competence including:-  Comprehensive assessment of patient need and identified risk factors, planning and delivery of evidence based interventions and the evaluation of health care and of health outcomes.
1. Ensure that all primary nurses provide good quality clinical care and meet with patients on a weekly basis (minimum), to evaluate the care/treatment plan, review progress and plan future care and provide reports for CPA meetings and other meetings as required.
2. Demonstrate effective nursing care within my shared pathway, Life Star and the CPA Care Plan through systematic audit.
3. Ensure staff involvement in individual and group treatment programmes.
4. Ensure that primary nurses provide patients with information on their treatment on a regular basis and this complies with Section 58 of the 1983 MHA.
5. Be able to demonstrate understanding of the aggregated needs of patients within clinical areas.
6. Ensure that the physical health care of patients is assessed regularly and that care is delivered within agreed good clinical practice guidelines or protocols.
7. Ensure that patients have access to a healthy nutritious diet and are encouraged to participate in a healthy lifestyle.
8. Ensure the privacy and dignity of patients at all time.
User Involvement and Information
1. Ensure user participation in planning their care within the MDT
Clinical and Research Governance
1. Ensure that care is needs based and evidence led and is carried out in a safe and secure environment within allocated resources.
2. Work collaboratively to ensure both local resolution of complaints and, where necessary, formal investigation of complaints within specified timeframes. 
1. Ensure that all patients have access to fresh air.
2. Ensure the provision of a safe and clean environment.
3. Ensure full compliance with the Hospital’s policies and procedures.
4. Ensure that the security policies and guidelines of the Hospital are adhered to and that staff are conversant with security directions.
1. Provide evidence of clinical leadership and management of staff.
2. Ensure that all staff has individual appraisals set annually with at least one review within the year.
3. Manage staff performance within agreed policies and procedures.  Provide evidence of action in relation to managing staff performance, e.g. sickness/absence etc.
4. Undertake complaint and management investigations, as required.
5. Participate in meetings and forums as specified by the Director of Operations.
6. Ensure timely report writing and data collection, as required.
7. Take responsibility for ensuring good quality secondary induction to staff, including aspects of Preceptorship, supervision and reflective practice.
8. Ensure the efficient use of Hospital administrative staff.
9. Take responsibility for ensuring high quality incident reporting structures and practice.
1. Manage and lead the MDT in ensuring effective high quality patient care delivery over a 24 hour period, including responsible annual leave and training planning.
2. Manage delegated budget and staff resources within agreed limits and provide reports on resources management, as requested.
3. Participate in recruitment and provide evidence of initiative to ensure retention of staff.
4. Ensure effective staffing levels over a 24 hour period.
1. Ensure full compliance with Hospital policies and procedures.
2. Ensure that staff work in line with relevant codes of professional conduct.
3. Provide regular forums for staff meetings/feedback sessions for staff.
4. Initiate, support and facilitate clinical audit, as required.
1. Participate in incident training and management.
2. Take responsibility for ensuring all staff have completed agreed mandatory training.
1. Ensure and demonstrate own competence to undertake routine and clinical nursing duties.
2. Demonstrate own personal development.
3. Take responsibility for the clinical risk management of clinical areas.
4. Take a lead role in providing good quality communication within the Hospital.
5. Take responsibility for mentoring and supervising junior staff as well as identifying training opportunities for staff and facilitating these where possible.
6. Proactively encourage and monitor regular supervision for all staff, as appropriate.
7. Provide, as appropriate, one-to-one clinical supervision, coaching and management supervision to senior staff.
8. Ensure that all staff has a Personal Development Plan related to their needs.
9. Participate in clinical and managerial supervision with the Director of Operations on a monthly basis.
10. Contribute to and facilitate learning opportunities for all staff.
11. Undertake clinical audit as requested.
12. Ensure that all written records are to a professionally acceptable standard.
13. Ensure that policies and procedures are in place and that staff are regularly updated.
1. Ensure that nurses are competent in providing reports for CPA meetings and other MDT forms.
2. Ensure equality of opportunity in respect of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, culture and disability.
1. Promote the development of clinical practice through continuous learning opportunities to include training, mentorship, supervision and reflective practice.
2. Actively contribute to training workshops for staff as required.
Incident Management
1. Participate in the Hospital’s on-call system and through that be available to attend ‘out of hours’ incidents at the Hospital.
2. Attend any medical emergency and offer advice and support for staff.
3. Advise staff on the need to issue and use protective equipment.
General Duties
Personal Development and Training
To participate in regular supervision and appraisal. 
Undertake an annual Personal Development Review (PDR) with Line Manager to monitor own performance, aiming to achieve and maintain a high standards of professionalism and competence. 
To participate in mandatory training including Positive & Protective Handling (Team Teach) and Safeguarding.
To complete all Statutory training within the required timescales (normally annually) including E learning modules and associated practical training.
To undertake all other training as directed by the line manager 
Job Type:ConsultancySalary:£16.00 - £19.00 per hourLocation:Hampshire
Recruitment Office:LiverpoolReference #:WM/Vist

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To apply please contact Adam on 0151 427 4200 or send your CV to adam@socialcaredirect-rec.co.uk
Contact Name: Adam Blanchard  |  Contact Telephone: 0151 427 4200  |  Contact Email: adam@socialcaredirect-rec.co.uk
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